Workable Ideas To Create The Perfect Guest Room For Your Friends And Family

If you have an extra room in your home and want to convert it into a guest room, then the below tips are exclusively for you.

Choose A Room Separate From The Rest Of The House

This tip is in favor of both your guests and you. Try your best to choose a room furthest away from the master to give all parties involved more privacy. If your home isn’t big enough for that, or if you can’t really afford to give that kind of luxury to your guests, consider soundproofing the rooms to make it more private. It is also best if the room you choose is away from the children’s play area and rooms. This is especially important if you are designing the room for older guests, like your parents or grandparents.

Consider Giving It An Attached Bathroom…Or At Least A Half Bath

We understand that attach bathrooms are a luxury; and that you don’t always have a say in installing bathrooms for the room you are turning into a guest room. However, it pays to remember that giving your guests their own bathroom easily makes their stay much more comfortable. Install a cheap bathroom heater, which is clearly a win-win, as not only do you provide them with the luxury of hot water, but you also make sure you won’t be racking up the bills. If all fails, at least try to give that room a half bath, so your guests need not stumble around at night, looking for the bathroom.

Give It A Little Sprucing Up

Pretty up the guest room as much as you can so your guests feel welcome. Have little face towels and extra toothbrushes stocked up in the room, so they need not bother you if they have forgotten to bring theirs along. Introduce the space to a few house plants, which will naturally brighten up the room. If you are aware of their arrival beforehand, consider leaving an arrangement of cut flowers. Peonies and carnation arrangements, in particular, are a personal favorite of our designers, as they add a richness and a touch of elegance with ease.

Choose A Comfortable Bed And Pretty Linen For It

Without a doubt, your guests will be happy enough to be able to crash on your couch when they are over at your place. However, as you are going to the trouble of installing a guest room and seeing to it so it is perfect, it is also best to get the best and most comfortable bed that your budget can fit. Test out the mattress before purchasing it. Buy washable pillows so you may toss it into the washing machine once their visit comes to an end. Choose simple and clean designed bed linen without the kitsch.

Go Mild With The Wall Art

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to wall art; and we understand that since it’s your home, you’d like to decorate it as you please. However, if you want to make your guests comfortable, you will have to keep them in mind when selecting the wall art. Our best tip would be for you to select something simple and free of controversies.

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