Uses of Residential Tempered Glass at Home

A home is where we generally feel safe and secure. It is where we feel free to move and the first place children get to explore and discover the world. Keeping your home safe is essential to protect your family and also all the belongings inside.

According to research, the glass fixtures at home is the most overlooked features when we check for safety. However, it is also one of the most common things that cause accidents and security breach. Luckily, tempered glass has been developed which seems to be the solution to all of these problems.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is not your ordinary glass. It is treated with chemicals and heat, making it stronger and more durable than regular glass. Although it is commonly used in businesses and other commercial establishments, you may also enjoy its benefits in your home. Ask for advice from glass suppliers Perth if you’re planning to install tempered glass in your home.

Advantages of Tempered Glass

Although it is priced slightly higher than ordinary glass, you won’t regret spending much because of so many benefits you can get from it.

  • Increases the safety of your home – Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass so they don’t break easily. This is perfect when you have children at home since you can reduce the risk of broken glass related injuries. You can also reduce the possibility of break-ins by replacing regular glass on your windows and doors with tempered glass.
  • Stronger and more durable – Tempered glass is almost 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. It can resist strong weather conditions such as strong winds, extreme wind pressure and heavy rains.
  • Heat resistant – Tempered glass can resist twice the heat capacity of ordinary glass. It can withstand extreme heat without cracking, perfect for very hot weather conditions. It also keeps temperature conditions from crossing in or out a room, perfect in maintaining the temperature in your home.
  • Easy to clean – When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into smaller pieces unlike ordinary glass that turn into shards. Simply sweep it to clean and you won’t even have to worry about getting cut.

Where can Tempered Glass be Installed?

It’s up to you where you think tempered glass is needed in your home. However, experts recommend the use of tempered glass in certain areas of your home.

  • Windows – Wide windows need to be made of tempered glass to make it more secure. Also, it is best to install tempered glass on accessible or reachable windows to reduce break-ins.
  • Doors – While it is uncommon to have glass doors at home, there are some homeowners who prefer this to increase their home’s aesthetics. No matter what type of glass door it is, it should be made from tempered glass to make it burglar resistant.
  • Furniture – Choosing furniture with glass parts made from tempered glass is a great choice especially when you have children. Common furniture having this type of glass are tables, cabinets and shelves.

Make your home safer and more secure by using tempered glass. Contact a glass supplier for advice and professional installation services.

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