Trendy Minimalist Interior Designs

Through the passing of the years minimalism has been a growing trend which is associated with barely furnished and ultramodern space is a concept that showcase the exceptional elegant functional design artistically laying the foundation to create a simplified way to live. Many people around the world have taken to embrace the minimalist way of living for it clears and maximizes space of living while providing a cozy or a luxurious outlook to the house depending on the interests of a person.  Accordingly shown below are some of the top minimalist designer trends that will not only create you a visually appealing living environment that reflects the modern tendency but also create a welcoming space that everyone would love.

Velvet wrapped Fashion

Velvet made its big comeback a couple of years ago but is still in trend. With bold colors and a texture of marital that screams glamorous is a great way to elevate dull boring room into an instant fab. Velvet can be found in many colors from light to dark even peculiar shock colors that effectively grasp the attention of onlookers. It brings forth a touch of gothic charm and blends splendidly into most styles creating a diverse link with both modern and past styles.

Leafy and Trendy Materials

Floral patens are back in business but with a leafier trend. Designers use the beauty of English garden prints. Such prints are used in carpets, cushion cases even in curtains to bring forth that earthy look. The use of leaves takes out the seasonal vibe that is mainly associated with flower patens so it evokes a more fresher and unique look all year. Trendy materials such as glass, metal, lacquered wood etc. are also ideal picks used in minimalist style of décor. Cement floors, leather seats, and cozy textiles used in bedspreads and curtains further showcase the minimalist interior design.

Practical Storage

A minimalist interior design despise overcrowded and superfluous objects. Only the necessities equipped with maximum storage facilities goes with the trend. The organization of the furniture and other necessities should be neat and multifunctional and minimal. Accordingly minimalist closets, coat hangers, even minimalist kitchens and bedrooms where polished tree trunks are used as bar surfaces and bar stools can be sledded underneath the bar to keep them out of vision and out of way along with convertible furniture  providing more open space is  a rising hot trend.

Elegant Blues and Bohemian Beauty

The colors turquoise and indigo along with many shades of blue are highly tending colors in interior design nowadays especially since many people are basing their interior design to replicate their favorite holiday suite. With laid back classic comfortable furniture, cool, calming vacation colors contrasted with a touch of bold colors to highlight the simplistic space where certain elements are placed to draw attention.

Is a fashionable way to replicate your holiday escape. Boho has won the heart of many people paving its way to be included in interior design elements with its vintage rugs, wooden chairs and tables, leather furniture etc. minimalist design thrives on such simple yet elegant beauties which is why bohemian is still in trend.       



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