Tips to Convert Your Child’s Bedroom into a Teen Bedroom

If your child is growing up, then their room needs atransition as well. Here are few tips to convert your child’s bedroom into one suitable for a teenager or young adult.

Furniture Fit for an Adult

This is a piece of advice that has been dished out time and time again, but no one seems to heed it anyway. Childish furniture (like car shaped beds or vividly colourful furniture in general) is a bad idea. Avoid using characters of their favourite cartoons as their theme; as this is impossible to convert into a teen, then adult bedroom¾not without a complete makeover. If you want to incorporate your theme into your bed, then do so in the form of printed sheets and wall decorations. Head to the bed factory Auckland to find the perfect furniture to suit a young adult.

Do They Still Want To Stick To Their Colour Theme? No Problem!

They might have outgrown their obsession with their favourite Disney characters or superheroes, but growing up doesn’t necessarily mean they have to get over a favorite colour. More often than not, people tend to grow less obsessed with certain colors, but still remain fond of them. If your teenage still insists on having a pink room, we see no issue with it. Simply choose an “adult version” of the colour; a colour more muted and easier to work with. And if you want to avoid the additional cost of getting differently printed curtains for every room, then I suggest you introduce the colours through the accessories of the room. The bed sheets and duvets, the carpets and the curtain tie-backs are all great options for introducing your preferred colour to your room.

Giving Them Better Storage Solutions

Admittedly, children of today’s world seem to have more things than those children of the times past. The sheer amount of books they lug around alone has increased rather dramatically. Keeping all this in mind, it almost goes without saying that you need to think of better storage options for your teen’s room, in order to make sure he or she can keep it tidy and organized. If they happen to have a small room or have to share it with their siblings, then things like bunk beds, under the bed storage, above door storage and ceiling storage all make a lot of sense. If placed artfully, even their almost never-used skateboards or penny boards can be used as decoration¾like an ode to their teenage years.

Organizing the Bedroom According To Their Needs

Teenagers have a lot of needs in regard to their bedroom. One of the biggest happens to be their privacy. Unlike a child’s room, when it comes to a teen or adult’s room, thicker curtains and soundproofing might be a good idea. However, if you happen to live in a not-so-safe area, then we suggest you don’t soundproof their room, in case of an emergency. Apart from that, dividing their room according to their needs will help them keep their room better organized as well. For example, allocate a corner for dressing, a corner for studying and a corner for “chilling” with friends.


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