How to Fix Zoom Microphone Issue on Windows 10?

They slipped in this new mega-impacting setting and if you skip down the happy path, life is good. Enable it for Skype or other apps which have issues with accessing your microphone. Windows Audio services will now have been restarted on your system. You can now try using your microphone again. If Windows Audio services were the cause of your issue then it should now be fixed on your system.

Click Enhancements tab, and check Disable all sound effects option. The last trump card to fix any issues occurred on your system is to update to the latest version of Windows operating system or roll back to a previous system version. Besides, you can try to restore your system to a previous statue by using System Restore. Choose the problematic output device you’re using. Check whether the correct output device is selected on Windows 11. The Realtek audio driver for Windows 11 is outdated, damaged, or corrupted.

You can use such mics for various tasks such as Skype calls, audio-video calls, and gaming. Windows 10 now has a full audio troubleshooter that can examine your sound system for any signs of trouble and recommend solutions. Problems in 8.1 included touchpad issues, screen brightness and multiple other issues. Cale Hunt is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. He focuses mainly on laptop reviews, news, and accessory coverage. He’s been reviewing laptops and accessories full time since 2016, with hundreds of reviews published for Windows Central.

Use this online tool to test your mic and find solutions to fix it on WeChat for Windows

If you too are in the same boat, then we recommend you try updating your BIOS to the latest version. While this feature comes in handy when you are using one microphone-demanding application at a time, it can be a pain when you are juggling multiple applications at once. Let’s start by checking your microphone settings, configuration, driver version, and more. This will help us narrow down the cause of your issue and fix it accordingly. Follow the sections below to help you along with the process.

  • When troubleshooting, set the microphone as the default audio device.
  • Now relaunch the application and check if it Check Mic is working fine.
  • To fix a mic that’s not working on Xbox, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Xbox mic.
  • If the issue persists, right-click Windows and select Device Manager.

The best way to check if the problem is to connect it to another computer. Any PC will fit, but to discard the possible software problems it is better to use the computer with another Windows version, or even with Linux onboard. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Use a different connector cable if possible, and try plugging the mic into a different USB port on the same device.

How to Fix Zoom Microphone Issue on Windows 10?

In this case, reinstalling the Bluetooth driver may solve the problem. Then select Disable Device and confirm to disable the AirPods Stereo device. If your Bluetooth adapter does not support the Stereo mode operation of the AirPods Pro, then switching to the Hands-Free AG Audio option may solve the problem .

Once done, the microphone should now be fixed on your system if drivers were the cause of your issue. Now right click on your microphone from the device list on your screen. While you are here, you can select the Disable option and then Enableagain to give your microphone a manual reset. Subsequently, enable the toggle for the apps that you wish to grant permission to use your microphone.

This will be necessary so that the microphone can function as intended. Then apply the troubleshooter suggestions and check if the AirPod Pro mic is operating fine. Now repeat the same in the Playback tab and check if the mic is working fine.

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