How not to panic when renovating an old house?

Not everyone of us has the money to buy a brand new house. Nor is it possible sometimes to build one from scratch. Best we can do is to buy an old house and renovate it to meet our needs. Obviously, a house someone else built will not suit our requirements a hundred percent, nevertheless, there is nothing stopping you from making it so! We faced this problem when we bought the house, it was Ok when we first visited it, somewhat run down but livable. Once the occupants moved out, we went to see the place to work out the “simple repairs” that must be done, so we can move in. Unfortunately, only then it was clear to us that there were actually many things to be done.

Don’t panic

Well, now we have already bought the house. Luckily for us, the amount we paid was not very high, even with the amount it seemed like we had to spend for renovations. Even if not, there was nothing much to do than curse our lack of investigation sense; it wasn’t definitely the fault of the previous owners. In fact, they warned us quite a bit of work will have to be done, and we ignored them (somewhat). Anyway, now that we are faced with this situation, we set to work. First, the amount we had set aside for renovations was not enough at all. Therefore, we set out to secure a loan from a bank. Then, we sat down with two different repairmen to discuss what to do.

Initial steps

One repair guy looked to be good in construction stuff, while the other was better at painting and roofing. There is something you need to remember; not every contractor has all sorts of people and not everyone you talk to (contrary what they say) can do everything. So, it is best you check out what they have done so far and listen to them. When they talk, usually you can say if they know what they are talking about or just bluffing. Anyway, after deciding what to do first – repair the washroom and kitchen, replace the windows and front gate – the next step was to ask for a full quotation. Ask the contractor to include everything – material costs and labour- and check with other suppliers on material costs. Sometimes they quote high but sometimes, unknowingly they quote lower than the market prices and you will end up again short of money trusting their quotes.

Finalising the matters

Now that you have an idea about what to do, start with the main parts of the house. That way, even if you run out of money towards the end, if the mandatory parts are completed, such as bathroom and kitchen, you can move in. when you construct these two, make sure there are no ways for leaks to happen. Even though when you contact the local plumbers in an emergency, they will come out to you immediately, it is best that you get it right the first time and build things water-proof. Once the construction part is done, you can move in to painting and finish things off.

You can only make the best of what you got! But prudent planning will ensure you didn’t blunder by buying an old house.

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