A Substitute for Chandeliers: A Modern Lighting Trend

Chandeliers were used back in the day as decorative lights in various places. This included large glass ones that was used in ballrooms in hotels or simple ones that added beauty and provided required lighting to homes. The shapes and sized changed with time but in modern times pendants have substituted chandeliers by performing the same role.

Pendants are known for been versatile in nature as they can be placed in any room, irrespective of the setting; whether in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms. It is also suitable to match modern equipment and furniture in the home. You can use this simple account to understand how to put such equipment to good use.

Creating an Ambiance in Bathrooms

If you are a person who chooses the bathroom to relax after a long and tiring day, then this is for you. People are also focusing on decorative elements of bathrooms unlike before. Various measures are adopted to enhance the beauty of such spaces. You can choose a lighting mechanism that suits the mood. Pay attention to the size and shape you choose if you give priority to this aspect. Consider using white pendant lights that are freely available in stores. In addition to the decorative element, use lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. This sort of lighting can also add a spark of romance. You can either decide to either leave the bulb exposed or not. 

On the other hand, if bathrooms are used as a place for your own beautification purposes such as applying makeup or shaving before you step out of the house, you can have pendants that will suit this purpose. In such instances light should be focused in a particular area, perhaps in front of a mirror.

However, you should keep the following in mind. Make sure that all lighting equipment is kept away from water and moisture to prevent mildew from forming. Such measures will help to reduce maintenance costs or unnecessary costs. If steam is emitted from a hot shower on a daily basis, then ensure that weather proof material is used to protect the bulb and pendant. There’s no need to panic as all these are available today. Also, a bathroom should ideally have shadow-free lighting.


Bedrooms can be used for purposes other than merely sleeping. For some, it is also a favorite place to read and relax. Organize and implement lighting by considering all these factors. You can also determine the kind of lighting switches needed either one by your bedside or near the doorway.

Dining Rooms and Kitchens

These are spaces that require specific lighting facilities. You can use pendants as a method of adding iconic beauty since dining rooms and living rooms are frequently occupied by visitors. Proper lighting is also required in kitchens to avoid accidents and to focus light on specific places.

There is a wide variety of products on the market. Even though your choice may be unique or different to others, it can be easily satisfied.

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